Tutorial Time Table

We are here to help, hence, we’ve dedicated days for treatment of individual modules. The online tutorial scheduled date and time are below.

Active Time: 5pm – 8pm Everyday
Information Technology
ICT1511 & ICT2632 Sunday: 5pm – 7pm
ICT2613 & ICT3612: Monday: 5pm – 7pm
ICT1521 & ICT3621 Tuesday: 5pm – 7pm
ICT2611 & ICT3611 Wednesday: 5pm – 7pm
ICT2612 & ICT3715 Thursday: 5pm – 7pm
ICT1512 & ICT1513 Friday: 5pm – 7pm
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
COS1511 Monday: 6pm – 8pm
COS1512 Tuesday: 6pm – 8pm
COS2611 Tuesday: 6pm – 8pm
MAT1581 Wednesday: 6pm – 8
MAT2691 Thursday: 6pm – 8pm
COS1511 Friday: 6pm – 8pm
MAT1503 Saturday: 12pm – 2pm
ELE2601 Saturday: 6pm – 8pm