Tutorial class

At Tech Qwerty Tutorial, our focus is to provide online tutorial classes for students. Either you are living far away or nearby, the distance is not a problem. We provide a clear guide and assistive idea in answering your assignments and preparing you for exams.

Tech Qwerty engages students in intense exam preparatory classes where the focus is mainly on previous years question papers, with this, students know what to expect and prepare their mind towards the exam. Students who make extra effort and use the resources and tutorials with give them judiciously usually emerge with distinctions without difficulties

Assignment Assistance

Tech Qwerty also provide affordable assignment help to interested students. Having someone do your assignment is not an indication you are unserious, sometimes we might have tried it often time on our own and failed, sometimes we might be pressed for time and not able to create time for our studies due to pressure at work or family. Tech Qwerty tutors can assist you with answering your assignment at an affordable cost. You can chat them up using the chat onsite.

Project Help

Is your project too difficult and a hassle to complete? Leave the hard work for us. We assist with all kinds of Science Information and Technology modules. Please use the onsite chat or send us a WhatsApp and we will find the right solution for you.

Our Vision

Tech Qwerty believes that all learners can thrive in digital classrooms that are engaging, learning-focused and inclusive.

Our Mission

Tech Qwerty is dedicated to supporting faculty, contributing to teaching excellence and enhancing student success through effective application and integration of instructional technologies, interactive digital media development, enhancement of the university’s enterprise learning management system and deployment of innovative emerging technologies. We are fostering a digital community that engages everyone in continuous learning, communication and collaboration. We are building the capacity of tutors and system leaders for the purposeful integration of teaching and learning with technology.

Our Core Values

Excellence – Excellence in all services and support with exceptional customer service. Contributing to students’ performance and success with dedication and commitment to supporting exemplary instruction.

Integrity – Value honesty, fairness and openness with attention to detail and being dependable while making wise decisions.

Inquiry – Encourage lifelong pursuit of knowledge to expand the understanding of the world through leveraging technology services and solutions in and out of the classroom.
Innovation- Encourage and appreciate innovative application of new ideas, technologies and teaching and learning principles and methods.