EUP1501 Tutorial #6 | Assignment 4 (MyItLab Plus)

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  1. The area in Microsoft Edge that keeps the things you collect on the Web; this includes the favorites, reading list, browsing history, and current downloads – Hub

    Small text files that websites put on your computer to store information about you and your preferences, such as log-in information – Cookies

    A feature in Microsoft Edge that provides a place to save webpages that you want to read later – Reading list

    A software program that you can use to display web pages and navigate the Internet – Web browser

    A small web browser window that displays on top of the website you are viewing – Pop-up

    The keyword and syntax that you type into search engine to begin your search – Search expression

    The term that describes that process of using your computer to view web pages – Browsing

    A small software program that adds additional functionality to your web browser software – Extension

    The icon of the website currently displayed in the browsing window – Site icon

    The default folder on your PC to which Microsoft Edge stores files you download from the Internet – Downloads Folder

  2. The domain name extension typically used for commercial businesses and companies – .com
  3. The domain name extension typically used for U.S. educational institutions – .edu
  4. The domain name extension used typically used for U.S. federal and state governments – .gov
  5. A feature in Microsoft Edge that prevents anyone else who might be using your computer from seeing what sites you visited – In-Private browsing
  6. A feature in Microsoft Edge that enables you to open multiple websites and then switch among them – tabbed browsing
  7. A feature in Microsoft Edge that helps detect phishing websites and websites that distribute malware – Smart-screen Filter
  8. A button in the shape of a lock to the left of the address bar that indicates that a site is encrypted and verified – lock button
  9. A group of links arranged horizontally or vertically on a website’s home page that assists visitors to the site in accessing the most frequently-used pages within the site – navigation bar
  10. The default opening screen in Microsoft Edge which, instead of a traditional address bar, displays a box in which you can seek a destination by typing a search term or a Web address – Start page
  11. Accessibility software that converts text into speech for visually impaired individuals – Screen reader
  12. The status of a website that indicates the company has a certificate that shows that the company running a website has a certificate to prove that they own the site – Verified
  13. The area that displays a tab for each webpage that you currently have open in Microsoft Edge – tabs bar
  14. A toolbar that displays directly below the address bar and to which you can add links for your most-used websites – favorites bar
  15. A technique to enhance the security of a message or file by scrambling its contents so that it can be read only by someone who has the appropriate key to unscramble it – encryption
  16. A command with which you can instantly conduct a web search by copying a search expression to the clipboard – paste and search

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