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ICT1521 Tutorial | How to Install Oracle 11g

In this short video tutorial is the step-by-step instructions on how to install Oracle 11g for local database management and running of SQL queries for ICT152(Introduction to Database). We have discussed the download process and how to setup environment variables to automatically startup the DBMS.

ICT1511 Tutorial | Assignment 01

In this short tutorial is the mdel answer for Semester 01 Assignment 01 2022  of ICT1511(Introduction to Programming). We have carefully chosen the answer to the question. Note that answers a few questiions could not be found in the MCQ:

ICT1511 Prescribed Book Tutorial (Chapter 4 to 6)

In this tutorial is the explanation of the second chapters of ICT1511(Introduction to Programming) prescribed Book. We have discussed the topics from Chapter 4 to 6 which include the following: 

  • The Selection Structure: Part 1
  • The Selection Structure: Part 1
  • Write Algorithm in Sequential Steps
ICT3612 Tutorial | Assignment 01 Semester 2022

In this short post is the model answer for assignment 01 semester 2022 for ICT3612(Advanced Internet Programming). We have taken time to choose the right answers for the Multiple Choice Questions. The comment section is open for debate on any of the chosen answers.

ICT3715 Assignment 01 Semester 2023

In this tutorial is the guide for ICT3715 Assignment 01 Semsester 2023. In this tutorial, we have done the preliminary requirement of analyzing our database data, we discussed extensively on how to do the following:

  • Create a Datase Analysis and Modeling 
  • Draw ERD and Activity Diagram
  • Backup and Recovery for Source Code and Database 
ICT2612 Learning Unit Tutorial (Data types, variable conversion, Arithmetic operators and more)

In this tutorial is the coding and learning unit tuorial for ICT2612(Interactive Programming) introduction Java programming language. We have covered lesson 1 learning unit topics of ICT2612(Interactive Programming), the topics listed below were covered:

  • Data types in Java
  • Variable conversion
  • Comments
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Basic String Operation 
  • Relation and Logical Operators
ICT1511 Prescribed Book Tutorial (Chapter 1 to 3)

In this tutorial is the explanation of the first chapters of ICT1511(Introduction to Programming Prescribed Book). We have discussed the topics from Chapter 1 to 3 which include the following:

  • General Concepts and Arithmetic
  • Understanding a problem and using a computer to solve it
  • Write Algorithm in Sequential Steps..
ICT2611 Tutorial | How to Install Visual Studio for GUI App Development

In this short video tutorial, we explained how to install Visual Studio for developing Graphical User Interface Programs for ICT2611(Graphical User Interface Programming). The latest version of visual studio can be downloaded from the official visual studio website but students can also download older versions online.

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